Pricing for the Judicial Educator service is based on student enrollment size. To obtain our latest rate schedule, please and include your name, contact info, institution and projected enrollment size.

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The Judicial Educator consists of 21 flash-based modules that educate students who are involved in disciplinary problems on your campus. Randomly generated automatic testing is built into each module. When a student successfully completes the module by passing a test, the student completes an e-mail notification form, which is then automatically forwarded to the campus judicial administrator.

Educational topics include:
-- Alcohol Use
-- Marijuana & Drug Use
-- Smoking
-- Fire Safety
-- Peer Harassment
-- Dating Violence & Date Rape
-- Living With A Roommate
-- Good Citizenship

-- Conflict Resolution
-- Personal Responsibility
-- Decision Making
-- Safe Living on a College Campus
-- Personal & Physical Cleanliness
-- Academic Integrity
-- Civility and Respect
-- Damage and Vandalism

If you need technical assistance, to email our support team. To help us troubleshoot your problem better, please include as much information about your system as possible like browser version, operating system, and if you are behind a campus firewall. Also specify which module(s) you are attempting to access or which stage you are unable to complete.

The Judicial Educator Service is designed for reactive and responsive education in the event of a conduct violation on campus. Use for proactive education of all students on campus is strictly prohibited. Reslife.Net (the company) is committed to protecting the privacy of people who use our site. Click here to read the Terms of Service & Privacy Statement.